Wendy Teo
Tue, Jan 08, 2008
The New Paper
Celebs can't control their tears

THE mood at Jimmy's wake was one of sad acceptance.

Celebrities Thomas Ong and Aileen Tan, who were among the earliest to arrive at the wake yesterday, declined to speak to the press.

Like Aileen, DJ Renee Yap could not control her emotions when approached by reporters.

Both burst into tears.

A red-eyed Patricia Mok arrived just before a prayer session, and broke down while viewing Jimmy's body.

She told reporters later: 'It was a long drive coming to Kallang from my home in Hougang. I never knew the distance was actually so far.

'So for all the times that Jimmy drove me home, it was actually a long detour for him, but he never said anything. He always told me it was a waste to take a taxi when he could drive me home.'

Veteran actress Li Yinzhu was telling the press about her last conversation with Jimmy on Thursday, when her voice cracked and she left abruptly in tears, saying 'I'm sorry, I can't talk about him anymore and I really have to go now.'

Other artistes, such as Joanne Peh, Zhu Houren, Felicia Chin, KymNg, Quan Yifeng, Ivy Lee, Carole Lin, Rayson Tan, Jack Neo and Nick Shen turned up later in the evening.

They kept to one side of the pavilion where the wake was held, while relatives sat on the other.

Outside, curious onlookers stood under their umbrellas in the rain to gawk at the proceedings.

Fann Wong and Christopher Lee - who turned up at 10pm - jointly sent a wreath, as did Ann Kok.

This story was first published on Jan 6, 2008.


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