Thu, Jan 31, 2008
Your fortune in the Year of the Rat

2007 the year of the Pig was a very unstable one. Behind the smoke screen of a property craze in Singapore, the year was filled with political unrest in many countries, market turmoil, terror attacks, natural calamities and illnesses. Good news for all!

Though in the early months of the 2008 Chinese year, the after- effects of 2007 will still linger around with us, 2008 the year of Rat is going to be an easier year for most of us in general. It will be filled with greater vibrancy and energy. It is time for you to stand up, to do some stretches and read on.

Movement is the word that governs this year. What does that mean? There will be more traveling for us. It could be either for business or vacation. Our hearts will be screaming for the latter. Many people will be migrating, relocating or even moving actively about within a country.

If you are traveling, migrating or relocating to another country while enjoying the excitement, remember to be aware and sensitive to the local cultures and blend in with society without losing your individuality. This is highlighted because humans are territorial. When the locals feel that there is a sudden increase in foreigners, hostility will arise easily and inevitably. Any misbehavior or insensitive gesture may spark off conflicts between the locals and the foreigners. Be street smart and be aware of your surroundings.

Another aspect of 2008 is that it is a great time for socializing, networking, building rapport and participating in team activities. If you are in sales, this is a golden period for you to increase your client base, build rapport with your existing clients, get new leads, clinch that new deal etc.

In general, this is the time to get out there and be with others. Meet new people both through work and personally. This is the time for you to meet people who can inspire you, see the strengths in you, support you and even to finance or help you to achieve your dreams. During this period, it is more important than usual for you to be positive so that you can attract positive people into your life.

Industries that can catch on to this positive vibe are property, hospitality, tourism and entertainment. If you have business dealings within these areas, you should reap the best out of it. There will be ripple effects that will spread to other industries too.

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Your fortune in the Year of the Rat

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