S'pore to have first Olympic-sized ice skating rink
Joyce Tan
Tue, Feb 05, 2008
The Straits Times

CAPITAMALL Trust (CMT) is building Singapore's first Olympic-sized ice skating rink as part of a $138.2 million overhaul of its Jurong Entertainment Centre.

The announcement on Tuesday comes two days after the Singapore Ice Skating Association (Sisa) complained that rinks in Singapore are not big enough for competition purposes.

Without an Olympic-sized rink, which measures 30m by 60m, Singapore cannot be a member of the International Skating Union (ISU) and compete in ISU-sanctioned events, such as the Olympics.

CMT said in a statement on Tuesday that it will replace the current 20m by 40m rink, which is operated by Fuji Ice Palace, on level 3 of the entertainment centre with the Olympic-sized rink. The new rink will be flanked by food and beverage operators and restaurants on both sides.

'We are very very pleased. It will allow us to apply for an ISU membership,' said Sisa president Ms Sonja Chong. 'It will mean that the Singapore flag can fly at ISU events such as the Asian Winter Games.'

Work will start at the end of this year and the Olympic-sized ice-skating rink, together with the revamped mall, is expected to open at the end of next year.


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