Wed, Mar 12, 2008
She becomes boss' sex slave to keep her job

She was afraid that she would lose her job if she did not give in to her boss' demands. Armed with only a secondary school education, Ms Tan (not her real name), who is in her 40s, was worried that she would not be able to find another job if she lost her current one. She was also frightened that her family would find out about her secret.

Shin Min reader, Mr Liu, also in his 40s, called the Chinese daily paper to complain that his girlfriend's boss kept her as a sex slave for more than two years. He said that he met his girlfriend through some friends two years ago.

He thought that she was working for a good boss

Mr Liu noticed that Ms Tan was very well-off when they began dating. She drove a new car, and went on trips with her boss' entire family as frequently as three times a year. Her travelling expenses were even paid for by her boss. Mr Liu never suspected that there was anything amiss, but thought that his girlfriend was very lucky to work for such a nice boss.

However, Mr Liu's suspicions were aroused when he received a mysterious phone call at 6 am on February 27. He also received another threatening call later that day. Mr Liu said the male caller spoke in Hokkien, and he knows where Mr Liu lives. The caller also said that it was very easy for him to arrange for someone to create trouble for poor flat-dwellers like Mr Liu.

That same night, Ms Tan confronted Mr Liu. She accused him of lying to her that he is single, and that her boss had shown her a copy of Mr Liu's marriage certificate. She only calmed down after Mr Liu explained to her that he was divorced.

Mr Liu then asked his girlfriend to explain the relationship between her and her boss. She confessed that her boss has been keeping her as a sex slave for more than two years. They would carry on their liaisons in his car after work when he had sexual urges.

Mr Liu said he felt upset after realising he has been two-timed by Ms Tan, but he would still consider maintaining his relationship with her because he still has feelings for her.

Target of harassment

Mr Liu continued to live with his girlfriend after the incident, but was continually harrassed by her boss. On March 6, Ms Tan's boss sent his wife and son to Mr Liu's house to harass him.

He also spotted the boss and his wife loitering at the void deck of his flat two days later. On March 9, the boss brought a China woman to Mr Liu's house and stayed for five minutes outside his flat. Mr Liu alleged that the boss was instructing the China woman how to further harass him.

Mr Liu said that he already made a police report on March 9, and was prepared to go to court to settle matters if necessary.

Still feeling the shock days after the escape of JI most notorius man. How could that happen when S'pore pride itself as efficient and no nonsense handling of threats...

By all standards, Minister Wong has shown good leadership. He has remained calm and this has reassured many of the citizens.
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