Tue, Nov 18, 2008
Sex in the operation theatre

A nurse shares openly in a local forum her sexual fantasy and confesses to using a government hospital for her sexual exploits.

Even the OT (Operation Theatre) has been used for her "sex-ploits". She also posts her half- naked body picture in Friendster and is unafraid to declare that she skives from work.

Although she claims to be a nurse working with pride, other forum users are questioning her sense of work ethics.

Some wonders if nurses in Singapore have any guidelines to follow.

And others quip,"It's time for the MOH to step in and review the guidelines whether can nurses bring in anyone to the operating theater in the first place?"

In the latest forum update, she mentions that she is resigning from the hospital to go to another. The sexually adventurous nurse wants to venture beyond the walls of hospitals to try "it" in a school or on a plane.

Some weeks ago, AsiaOne ran the story of a primary school teacher who posts pictures of herself in micro-bikinis and tattoos. On the hot heels of the debate about narcissistic displays of self versus image at work, the sexually adventurous continually push Singaporeans' threshold of appropriateness.


"This is great to keep overseas Singaporeans connected to home news and affairs"

"My favourite was "The Aftermath for Malaysia Election" - (in my opinion), this was a very well crafted world standard image, it is even suitable for a Time magazine cover!"
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