Thu, Oct 08, 2009
Suffering from bipolar disorder: Ris

On Tuesday, former beauty queen Ris Low ended her day on RazorTV's couch, where she gave the online video news channel a no-holds-barred interview.

Topics ranged from her credit card fraud to fellow Miss Singapore world contestant Claire Lee.

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Razor: Ris, after you were charged with credit card fraud, you were also diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and it was used as part of your mitigation plea, right?

Ris Low: Yeah.

Razor: So actually, what kind of treatments are you receiving now?

RL: I'm taking medications, and i'm seeing the psychologist on a weekly.. er.. fortnightly basis..

Razor: Every three weeks you would go to the doctor?

RL: Yes..

Razor: Okay, what kind of medication are you taking?

RL: I'm taking actually, i'm taking Abilify. I've changed three different types of medication before but they "wouldn't" suitable for me because I get nausea, I get headaches, I get migraines...

Razor: *Interject* You have side effects...

RL: ...and yeah..terrible side effects *nodding head*

Razor: Okay, so before you started taking these medication right, do you already know that you are suffering from extreme mood swings?

RL: Er.. not really, because I just thought that i'm just another hyper-active kid, and then just feel depressed at times when... yeah.. lonely at night.

Razor: Do you feel very high in the day and feel very low at night? Is that usually the case?

RL: Yeah. Actually, I feel very high all the way, I can don't sleep for five-six days and...

Razor: It happened before?

RL: Yeah, five-six days and then just keep on working or studying, doing puzzles or doing cross-stitch... Things that I like.

Razor: Have you also done something else, anything else, which could be influenced by your bipolar disorder?

RL: Hmm... So far not that I know of, not that I have thought of as well...

Razor: Any other crazy things that you have done?

RL: Maybe... drinking a lot?

RaZOR: Do you drink a lot?

RL: Heavy drinking... *nodding head* Yeah.

Razor: Like every friday night?

RL: Uhh...everyday!

Razor: Everyday?

RL: It's like everyday, not only friday nights.

Razor: Are your parents aware of it?

RL: Yeah, they were, but they were really disappointed they and have no idea what to do with me.

Razor: Okay, but they know that it's not good for you right?

RL: Yeah.

Razor: Okay, did they try to stop you?

RL: This one they tried to ask me what's going on... I couldn't tell what's wrong with me as well, because I just thought that it's something that everybody goes through at this stage.

Razor: Then does your medical condition also affect your relationship, say with guys...?

RL: I think it does, because i'll be screaming at the guy, i'll be crying my tears off, crying my eyes off...

Razor: So you cry a lot when you are with guys? Is that true?

RL: Yeah, I get low very often and when i'm really happy, i'll get really crazy and high and I don't think much guys can really take that kind of...

Razor: They can't take it...

RL: Yeah... That kind of mood swings.

Razor: Is that why you are single?

RL: Yes! I guess so.

Razor: And uh.. when did you tell the pageant organiser, ERM, about your medical condition?

RL: Er, I told them after the... "thing" was out. After the credit card fraud was out... And they asked me why did I do it? I said I have no control over my behaviour and... I don't really know what I was doing then.

Razor: Did they accept your explanation?

RL: Yes.

Razor: They did, without further questioning?

RL: Yeah. They were willing to give me a second chance and asked me to go ahead with the pageant.

Razor: Okay, that's before the pageant?

RL: Yeah.

Razor: You told them before the pageant?

RL: Er, no, that's after the pageant.

Razor: After the pageant... But they still wanted you to go ahead with the competition in South Africa?

RL: Yes.

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(Photos: ST, my paper)


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