Wed, Apr 07, 2010
Girl posts photos of herself and BF in the nude, reveals intimate details

A teenage girl who posted nude pictures of herself and her boyfriend in bed recently made headlines on Straits Times Online citizen journalism website, STOMP.

Reader Clamnut wrote in an email to STOMP that he was appalled that a teenage girl, who is looked barely 18, would actually post nude pictures of herself and her boyfriend on her public blog.

The sender, who chanced upon the blog accidentally, was lost for words when he saw the picture of the teenage girl posing on a bed with her boyfriend, both of them topless. The girl had a camera in hand while the shot was taken.

On her blog, the girl also described how much she loved her boyfriend, who is currently serving his National Service.

She details the times spent with him and describes what they do together in private.

STOMP reader Clamnut said:

"Not even 18 years old yet and she posts the picture with a caption, thinking that it is totally alright."

For more photos, click here.




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