Karen Lim
Wed, Apr 21, 2010
Hundreds evacuated in huge fire at People's Park Complex
Hundreds evacuated in huge fire at People's Park Complex
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A FIRE broke out at People's Park Complex along Eu Tong Sen Street at about 4pm today, an eyewitness told AsiaOne.

The building remains closed tonight and it is not known if it will reopen tomorrow.

According to a woman who works at one of the travel agencies in the complex, she was told that the fire started at a storeroom next to Canto Kitchen, a restaurant located on the fifth floor.

She has declined to be named.

She also told AsiaOne that black smoke was first detected by her colleagues at around 4pm but they did not start evacuating till about 25 minutes later, as the fire alarm did not go off.

"My colleagues told me to grab my bag and leave although there was no alarm.

"It only started ringing when we were already making our way to the ground floor," said the woman who is in her mid-fifties.

Some cars are believed to be damaged by the fire as the carpark is also located on the fifth floor.

Police have cordoned off all areas and are not allowing drivers to enter the carpark to collect their cars.

A reader told citizen journalism website, Stomp, that "the fire is huge".

The residential block above People's Park shopping complex is not affected.


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