Woman whipped in public by two men possibly hired by her husband's mistress
Tue, Jan 11, 2011

Here are the headlines from today's Chinese evening papers:

Shin Min Daily News

- China woman who sues her ex-husband and his five family members for dragging her out of the bathroom in the nude has lost the lawsuit

- Indonesian businessman has lost his bid to lift the Mareva injunction imposed by his ex-wife on his $90 million assets

- $5 million Toto Reunion draw on Jan 28, $10 million Toto Hongbao draw on Feb 18

- Yueh Lei's's body has to be moved to a smaller coffin as the coffin from Malaysia will not be able to fit into the crematorium furnace in Singapore

- Bishan deaths: Woman died after another woman committing suicide falls on her

- Wang Lei criticised for comparing the audience to "dogs" during a performance at Downtown East

- Getai singer spends $300,000 on a new shop to sell Chinese New Year decorations

- Jacelyn Tay is three months pregnant

- Website gives away $200 per week to attract more subscriptions

- Ambulance stuck on a muddy grass patch for three hours after it was deployed to send an elderly woman to hospital

- Today is 11/1/11: More marriages and C-section births today

- Middle East man who weighs 2520 kg comes to Singapore for sleeve gastrectomy, but he is so huge that he can't fit into the hospital scanner

- Resident steals water from a public tap by using a plastic hose to connect the tap into his house

- Engineer quits his $4,000-a-month job and invests $5,000 on a bubble-tea shop

- Man able to count the number of letters in a word in super-fast time

- MPs are looking for sponsors to help the needy residents due to worries of rising food prices

- Is Tay Ping Hui joining politics after taking part in a Young PAP forum?

- Woman signs for a $35 broadband package, but receives a $90,000 bill

- Artist has more than 400 pots of bonsai at home: He spends two hours watering them and uses 200 litres of water per day

- YOG volunteer jailed one day and fined $3,000 for stealing two wallets while on duty at Marina Bay Sands

Lianhe Wanbao

- Woman whipped in public by two men believed to be hired by her husband's mistress

- Hawkers complain of unequal treatment after the gas company imposes higher gas prices for hawkers who are not committee members

- Pranksters endanger lives of motorists by blocking road with cardboard boxes

- Screen doors at Bedok MRT station go into operation

- Johor robbers said to target the motorists by placing notes with knockout powders on the car doors

- MOH survey: Singaporeans spend eight years of their lives in agony due to chronic disease

- Prices of bak kwa could soar to $49 per kg this Chinese New Year due to rising prices of pork and sugar

- Dance instructor jailed six weeks for breaking a man's nose

- Quack doctor who "practises" in Little India jailed three months

- Five China women arrested for attempted illegal entry into Singapore

  Woman whipped in public by two men possibly hired by her husband's mistress
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  Restricting weapons sale to curb youth violence not a solution
  Singapore nets S$420m windfall from casinos
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  ICA turns down 2% of PRs' re-entry permits annually
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