Couple in brazen, explicit make out session in car

A couple was seen making out in their car in the early hours at a carpark near Holland Village.

Their public tryst soon turned into a bold and explicit make out session that prompted a resident to alert the police.

The couple first caught STOMP reader Elizabeth's attention when they were walking back to their vehicle at about 1.30am last Saturday night.

"Their steps were shaky and unstable, because they were busy kissing and fondling each other as they walked towards their car, a black Hyundai Avante," described Elizabeth.

"We had thought that they would merely exchange a few more kisses and touches before they would drive off, but that didn't happen, instead, their acts got even more brazen and explicit, the passionate kisses and frantic groping developed into almost a full making out session that seemed to have no end," she added.

Elizabeth, who viewed the entire scene from her window with her husband for about 20 minutes, was so disturbed that she decided to call the Police.

However, before she could get to the phone, her husband informed her that the couple had left.

Elizabeth laments that this isn't the first time that she had witnessed such inappropriate and indecent behavior by couples at the carpark.

"For couples who think that this carpark offers them a private romantic sanctuary, they are very wrong; this is a public carpark surrounded by housing blocks with people, children included, living in them, and many of us sure have little tolerance for such obscene behaviour," said Elizabeth.

She said that she wants to share her story in order to discourage people from having a tryst in a public carpark that is surrounded by housing blocks. "It is not only an eyesore but extremely inappropriate for children to see."