Cost of living


Wrong colour

WORKERS' Party (WP) supporters (right) were given blue umbrellas featuring the party's hammer symbol to help them cope with the blazing sun yesterday.

Some female PAP supporters at Admiralty Secondary School asked if they could have some of the umbrellas.

"Are the umbrellas free?" they asked.

Replied WP supporter Tan Keong Chye, 70, with a straight face: "Yes, but not for you."

Asked why not, he retorted: "Have you looked at what colour you're wearing?" - Bryna Sim

From hope to tears

IT ended in tears for Mr Ooi Boon Ewe (right), 70, who had hoped to stand in Sengkang West SMC as an independent candidate.

But he was one short of the minimum six supporters - a proposer, a seconder and four assenters - needed for his nomination at Deyi Secondary School yesterday.

Mr Ooi was teary eyed as he went around in vain asking strangers if they live in Sengkang and if they would support him, about 20 minutes before the noon deadline.

When asked if he would consider running in the next election, the Fernvale resident said agitatedly:

"Don't want lah, don't want lah, leave the country lah." - Lim Say Heng

Fainting for his cause

Retiree Phua Ching Yok, 65, fainted at 10am yesterday, just as the gates at Admiralty Secondary School opened, after standing in the sun for an hour with fellow PAP supporters.

Some supporters carried him into the school, where they sat him down and fanned him.

After he was revived, he was given some biscuits by school personnel helping out at the venue.

He said: "I didn't have breakfast because I thought the school canteen would be open. It was very hot and before I knew it, I had crumbled to the ground."

Managing a smile, he added: "I'll go back and stand in the sun to support the PAP later." - Bryna Sim

Not from Mars

A WP activist gave its supporters a pep talk to prepare them for the expected huge turnout of People's Action Party (PAP) supporters at Bedok View Secondary School.

He told them: "Don't get overwhelmed by the people in white. They are Singaporeans like us. They don't have an extra arm, an extra leg. They are not from Mars."

To which, WP's candidate for Punggol East SMC, Ms Lee Li Lian, 32, said: "They can shout, we can shout louder!"

- Elysa Chen and Amanda Yong

Woman power

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong questioned the strength of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) team taking on his PAP team in Marine Parade GRC.

Noting that his opponents seem to depend solely on their youngest candidate, Miss Nicole Seah (far right), 24, he said: "They appear to have only one person in charge. And the four men are...leaving it to the young lady to campaign, to say all the things."

In response, NSP candidate Spencer Ng (right), 31, said that while they have a prominent spokesman representing the team, theirs was a team effort.

He added: "For every GRC held by PAP, they always emphasise having an anchor Minister on the team. So in a sense this diverts the attention of the people to the Minister, and the rest of the team are left out of the limelight." - Tay Shi'an

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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