Mr Yam's monotonous voice is result of throat surgery

By Angelina Dass

Mr Yam Ah Mee released a statement on his newly established celebrity status.

He said his monotonous voice was the result of throat surgery he had previously undergone.

With his online fanbase growing, it is no surprise that there is merchandise modelled after Mr Yam and his 'famous' words. 

A Facebook user promptly designed mugs, tee-shirts and badges sporting Mr Yam's face. The items are currently on sale.

The overnight General Elections sensation has no less than 10 Facebook pages dedicated to him.

Some pages also mischievously propose Mr Yam for President while others have labeled him a legend and "Returning Officer Extraordinaire".

However some netizens have come out to say his privacy is being intruded upon.

Netizen Su Linn Tan shared on her Facebook: "I think our sense of boundaries have gone all screwy... If it were my pic being circulated, I'd be creeped out, whether others thought it was cool or not!