Dog breeder fined $50,000 for mistreating dogs

The Pet Hotel first made news last April, when The New Paper reported that Mr Tan bought over the dogs with the help of anonymous donors. His friend had informed him that the owner had run out of money to continue his dog-breeding business and intended to sell the dogs to other breeding farms.

Mr Tan stepped in as he felt too many dogs were being bred and sold to irresponsible owners who would later abandon them.

Mr Tan and some volunteers had arranged with the owner to take care of the dogs temporarily. Soon after, they bought over the dogs and found many of them to be sick. Some were even dying.

The team cleaned up the place, which was wet and smelly when it should have been clean and dry.

The farm was back in the news a month later, when an SMS - claiming that a puppy mill owner had abandoned his dogs and that they would be put down if they were not adopted within a week - went viral.

Hundreds of people also rushed there, disrupting the operation of pet farms in the area.

But the SMS was inaccurate, and there were no puppies for adoption, as many of them had come to believe. The dogs were all adult dogs formerly used for breeding. The youngest was eight years old.

For each charge of cruelty to animals, Neo could have been jailed one year and fined $10,000.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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