MG Chan: "I'm not related to Mr Lee"

Major-General (MG) Chan Chun Sing, the Acting Community Development, Youth and Sports Minister, has denied rumours that he is related to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

MG Chan told The Straits Times in an e-mail this week: 'I am not related to Mr Lee's family.'

He was addressing rumours that had started after a netizen posted a screenshot from RazorTV on a forum, which showed MG Chan standing behind members of Mr Lee's family at the funeral of Mr Lee's wife, Madam Kwa Geok Choo last October.

MG Chan, who is also Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts, clarified that he was there in his official capacity as the Chief of Army.

He told the Straits Times: 'I was at the funeral because the Army, under my charge then, was assigned the task of honouring the late Madam Kwa with the ceremonial gun carriage procession. This has been public knowledge.'

MG Chan was also part of the PAP team in Tanjong Pagar GRC that is helmed by Mr Lee.

According to the Straits Times, a police report was also filed on Sunday by a People's Action Party (PAP) member against a blogger, for a post about MG Chan and Mr Lee which he felt was defamatory.

The post titled 'Chan Chun Sing - Nephew of Lee Kuan Yew?', sparked a flurry of comments from netizens and was reposted on other forums.

Speaking to the Straits Times, teacher Koh Wen Zhu, 27, who made the report, said he was 'greatly disturbed' by the post on the blog 'SG Truth'.

He said the post conveyed a false and negative image of MG Chan and Mr Lee, and also contained 'several offensive words'.

When asked, MG Chan said he was not aware of the police report and says he does not know Mr Koh personally.

Netizens have also posted questions on MG Chan's Facebook fan page about whether he is related to Mr Lee, to which he and others have clarified.

A post on the Young PAP Facebook page on Wednesday quoted MG Chan as saying: 'My surname is Chan and my wife's surname is Low. I don't have any close relatives with the surname Lee as far as I know.'