Look for reusables in NDP fun pack

By Annabelle Liang

DO NOT be surprised if you find a table lamp in your National Day Parade (NDP) fun pack this year.

The NDP light stick, which can display different colours - white, blue and pink - will come with a customised base, allowing parade-goers to reuse the light as a lamp at home.

And it is not the only reusable item in this year's pack.

Other items include the "Mr Bean" Maracas, which can be converted into a small storage container, and a mini Singapore flag, which comes with a stand. The stand can double as a name-card holder after use at the NDP.


Major Chan Ming Hoe, the chairman of the Logistics and Finance Committee behind the parade, said that instead of having interactive items which would be put to waste after the show, the committee felt that the fun-pack items should be modified, allowing parade-goers to take them home for use in daily life.

The theme for this year's parade is "Majulah! The Singapore Spirit", and the fun pack was designed and put together with the themes of reusing, recycling and reflecting in mind.

The tote bag that holds all the fun pack's items is quite the fashion item, too. It features watercolour designs by graphic designer Jesline Teo, 21.

Parade-goers will be able to choose from one of four designs by her. They are her renderings of the Merlion, an MRT train set against a backdrop of Housing Board flats, Changi Aiport and the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid - icons that she feels all Singaporeans are able to identify with.

Miss Teo spent a week on the designs, and settled on the watercolour look because she "wanted the bag to look light and fun".

Each tote bag also features a design by student Rebekah Lee, 16, on the back. Creative designer Mas Shafreen, 39, who is a manager by day, designed a tag for the bag.

The water-resistant bag comes with more compartments this year, to hold items such as laptops, books and mobile devices.

The NDP will also see the use of newmedia platforms to reach out to and engage more Singaporeans, said Lieutenant- Colonel Tong Yi Chuen, the chairman of the Branding and Publicity Committee for the parade.

Last week, the NDP 2011 Branding and Publicity Committee, in collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic's School of Interactive & Digital Media, launched a Facebook game titled Lion City.

Touted to be akin to the popular Sim- City game, Lion City requires users to build their own city, while keeping up the morale of its citizens and keeping to a stable budget.

The top-scoring Singaporean or permanent resident in the game as of July 24 will win a pair of NDP preview tickets.

Lt-Col Tong said: "New-media platforms are more pervasive in Singapore society (today). We feel that these platforms can better reach out to and engage Singaporeans, youth and adults alike."

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