What Singaporeans are talking about

By Meredith Woo

WHAT does an online video, a commuter behaving suspiciously and an emergency evacuation have in common?

They are all the hottest talking points on Singapore's top citizen-journalism website, Stomp, this week.

Stomper LWL recently alerted the community to insensitive and racist remarks made by 24-year-old Wang Peng Fei in an online video.

The student from China, who was studying in the East Asia Institute of Management here, made fun of Singaporeans and ranted about various aspects of life here.

Within days, the report garnered over 500 comments and more than 60,000 views, with more than 80 per cent of Stompers clicking on "Enraged" on the Mood Meter.

Though Mr Wang explained that his comments were made in jest, the school has expelled him for "gross misconduct".

Contributions from Stomp's citizen journalists often spark impassioned responses because many of these issues resonate deeply with Singaporeans.

Another report that got Stompers' attention was stomper Ting's harrowing account of a man behaving suspiciously on the bus.

The middle-aged man was seated beside Ting and appeared to be sleeping. However, his hand would move across the seat to touch her thigh, even after she had asked him to move his hand away.

Many felt that she should have called the man out on his disturbing behaviour, while others empathised with her and shared similar experiences.

Besides observations and personal anecdotes, Stomp's citizen-journalism section, Singapore Seen, is also a natural focal point for Stompers to share breaking-news events.

In a recent incident, so much smoke spewed out from an MRT train that passengers had to be evacuated at Dover station. Within moments of the incident, Stomp featured reports, photos and even videos from those at the scene.

This incident again demonstrates the effectiveness of Stomp as a national platform for sharing events, feedback and thoughts.

With Stomp, there is so much more to talk about than the weather at gatherings. Go to www.stomp.com.sg, or download the free Stomp iPhone app, and find out what everyone in Singapore is talking about.

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