Boss of controversial dating websites a PSC bond-breaker

[Above: Mr Brandon Wey with his girlfriend.]

The Singapore-born boss of several controversial US dating websites was a Public Service Commission (PSC) scholarship bond-breaker, reported the Straits Times today.

A PSC Secretariat spokesman confirmed that Mr Brandon Wey, 41, broke his scholarship contractual obligations when he never returned from the United States.

Wey, currently living in Las Vegas, was awarded an Overseas Merit Scholarship to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to read physics.

To settle the matter, his parents had to pay about $300,000 in liquidated damages.

Not only did he break his bond, Mr Wey may also have broken the law here for evading national service (NS).

Then 19, Mr Wey had been granted a deferment to study after serving nine months of NS, but never came back to serve the rest of his stint.

Asked why he chose not to return, Mr Wey - an alumnus of St Andrew's Secondary School and Hwa Chong Junior College - said he blamed the Defence Ministry (Mindef) and PSC for being 'inflexible'.

Wey said he had requested to switch to an electrical engineering course in his third year, but was rejected.

He also appealed to PSC and Mindef for an extension of time to do a Master's course at MIT but was also refused.

Going against his father's advice, Wey did what he felt was right and obtained an electrical engineering degree. No additional cost was involved as the two courses shared similar modules.

He then stayed on in the US to complete an MBA, which he paid for himself by working full-time for US-based logistics software firm, which sponsored his green card.

Wey also cited a 'bad experience' during his time in the Officer Cadet School (OCS) - which he failed - for his decision not to return to Singapore. Mindef declined to comment on his case on grounds of confidentiality.

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