Moderator comes clean on TR's harassment tactics

Above pic: Mr Richard Wan, one of the moderators of socio-political website Temasek Review Emeritus, said in an interview with The New Paper that he does not agree with certain things done by the website.

DR JOSEPH Ong, whose website has been hacked and who believes he is being stalked, has another claim to fame - his links to the socio-political website Temasek Review Emeritus.

The New Paper exposed him as one of the men behind the site, then known as Temasek Review, that makes its name hosting and producing anti-establishment articles and forum comments, while its editorial team hides behind a cloak of anonymity.

Dr Ong had maintained that he was once linked to it but no longer has ties to the site. TNP has new information that points to his continued involvement with the site and also the identities of others linked to it.

The details were confirmed yesterday by one of its moderators, Mr Richard Wan, or as he is known by his moniker "kojakbt". He said he wanted to "come clean".

He said Dr Ong, Mr Gilbert Goh, and two others he knew only as Edmund and Andrew, are linked to TRE.

Dr Ong's links with TRE emerged after The New Paper revealed he had received a police warning on Sept 3 last year after he organised the posting of abusive posters of a Member of Parliament in Yishun.

TNP asked Dr Ong yesterday if he was still involved in the running of TRE.

He said: "That was last year or two years ago. Now the ownership has been passed around a few times. Nothing to do with me any more."

Then describing himself as a supporter, he said: "Supporter as in I used to contribute a little money. That's all."

TNP understands, however, that Dr Ong was involved in a "joint venture" proposal meeting between TRE and a businessman - Edmund. It took place soon after the General Election in May.

When asked about this, Dr Ong initially denied there was a meeting. Then he said: "The meeting was arranged by Gilbert Goh."

Mr Goh is the man behind, which bills itself as a portal for unemployed professionals.

"I was only supposed to meet Gilbert. It was a meeting of friends."

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