60-year-old admits to sexually abusing boy, 12

SINGAPORE - Tan Geok Kim, 60, admitted in court today that he made a 12-year-old boy perform oral sex on him and vice versa on August 12, 2009.

The Straits Times reported that the unemployed man had met the boy at the toilet of Eunos MRT station earlier that day.

Following the student out, Tan told him that he was very handsome and asked for his contact number.

Tan then met him after school and took him to his flat with the intention of having oral sex.

There, he kissed the victim in the bedroom and made the boy perform the sexual act on him and vice versa.

According to the national newspaper, Tan offered the boy a pornographic VCD after the victim had showered. The boy refused the VCD, left the flat and called the police.

Tan is charged with two counts of sexually abusing a minor and faces a jail term of up to 20 years and a fine on each charge.

His case will continue on November 9.