Police investigate NSF over text criticising Islam

A police spokesman confirmed yesterday that they are looking into an incident where a full-time national serviceman (NSF) posted on his Facebook wall a picture of text that criticises Islam.

The NSF, identified as Mr Christian Eliab Ratnam, had posted a picture of text claiming that Islam is not a religion but 'an authoritarian, political doctrine which imposes itself by force', among other inflammtory things.

His Facebook account has since been deactivated, but an edited screenshot was put up on the TOC website.

The Straits Times reported that a police report has been lodged about the posting and a letter complaining about the post

was sent to the newspaper's forum, as well as Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Mohamad Maliki Osman, former People's Action Party MP Maidin Packer and sociopolitical blog The Online Citizen (TOC).

TOC later ran a statement from Mr Ratnam apologising for the posting. He stated that he was not affiliated with any group nor did he wish to cause disharmony.

In a separate statement, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) said that it 'takes a serious view on the conduct of its servicemen in public'.

"Police investigations are ongoing. Mindef is assisting and appropriate actions will be taken if necessary."

This is the second incident this week. A Young People's Action Party (YPAP) member, Jason Neo, is being investigated for an ffensive caption of a picture of Malay children in a schoolbus, which he uploaded onto Facebook.

It is also reported that Mr Ratnam appears to support pro-Israel and Jewish causes, according to checks on the Internet.

Images of Israel's flag and the symbol for the Israel Defence Forces could be seen on his Facebook page. Mr Ratnam is also a member of a Facebook group for Israelis and Jews living in Singapore.

In a Facebook group called 'anti-feminist empire', Mr Ratnam made a posting that directed readers to another group, 'Submissive and Obedient Wives (For G-d and Husband)', which is started by his wife.

The group quotes extensively from the Bible and Torah, and advocates that a wife submit, obey and revere her husband.