50 injured in Ecuador police, military rebellion
Fri, Oct 01, 2010

QUITO - At least 50 people were injured Thursday during clashes between rebel police and supporters of the Ecuadoran president outside a hospital where he is holed up, a Red Cross spokesman told AFP.

"We've treated 50 people in Quito for medical emergencies due to asphyxiation due to tear gas and impacts from pellets and teargas cannisters," said Jorge Arteaga.

He said injuries were also reported in other Ecuadoran cities where disgruntled police took to the streets.

President Rafael Correa was holed up at Quito's National Police Hospital, where he was taken after a tear gas canister exploded near him when he addressed rebellious police at a barracks nearby.

Although the police are surrounding the hospital and preventing him from leaving, Correa told ECTV television that he is still running the country and refuses to negotiate with his captors.

Clashes were reported between pro-Correa demonstrators and police outside the hospital.

The Correa administration has declared a state of emergency across the country.




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  50 injured in Ecuador police, military rebellion
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