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Fri, Jan 18, 2008
The New Paper
Used panties 'schoolgirl' annoys S'pore students

SHE claims to be a Singapore schoolgirl and poses provocatively in school uniforms to sell used underwear online.

But her suggestive and occasionally explicit pictures have got some students here in a tizzy - especially those whose school uniforms resemble those in her pictures.

The girl, who goes by the online pseudonym Pamela, claims she's an 18-year-old student in Singapore.

Her sales pitch on her personal website says it all.

'Hi boys! I am just your average schoolgirl selling her panties to horny boys like you, with the exception that I am one really really horny schoolgirl.'

She claims she's doing it to support her studies.

She appeals on her website: 'I am doing this so that I can make some money while I am studying, so do support me if you see something you like, okay?'

On her home page and elsewhere on her website, Pamela is seen wearing a white blouse and blue pinafore.

The uniform resembles those of some convent schools here.

Her face is not shown in any of the pictures, some of which feature her in explicit poses.

She doesn't say she is from any particular school.

The New Paper e-mailed her for an interview but she declined, saying she was 'uncomfortable with doing an interview'.


But when we spoke to students from schools which have uniforms similar to those pictured on the website, they were outraged by the misuse of their uniforms.

Said a Secondary 3 student from CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School: 'Our school has a very rich culture, and it's an abuse of the uniform to wear it for such a purpose.

'The nuns and principals worked very hard to make our school what it is today. This is damaging to our school culture.'

The student said she had heard of the website from several friends who had expressed disgust at the use of a convent uniform on such an obscene website.

She said: 'People should be more respectful of the school's history and culture.'

A second-year Raffles Junior College (RJC) student said she was appalled by the website.

She said: 'It's immature, and shows disrespect for the school and its students.

'It just shows that the girl doesn't respect the image of another school and its students.'

While some students seemed to be familiar with the website, schools approached by The New Paper were not aware of it.

Mrs Regina Lee, principal of CHIJ Toa Payoh, had no idea the site existed until The New Paper contacted her.

She said: 'A school's role is to provide an education for its students.

'We do not permit nor encourage activities which are detrimental to the dignity and well-being of our students.'

She added that the school will consult its management before deciding on a course of action.

'Having been notified of such online sites and activities, the school will draw the attention of its students to the misuse and abuse of the Internet and its adverse consequences on the individual and on society as a whole,' she said.

Ms Chan Wan Siong, principal of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School, said the school had not been informed about the website.

She said: 'We do not condone activities of this nature.

'Should there be any reports of such activities involving our students, or reason to believe that SNG students have been disturbed by information in this light, relevant counselling will be conducted.'

A spokesman for RJC said the school was also unaware of the website.

'The college naturally would not condone such activities,' the spokesman said.


On Pamela's website, clicking on 'My bras and panties' will reveal pictures of her merchandise.

These were mostly panties, several of which were marked as 'sold'. There were also some pictures of her wearing bras.

The New Paper posed as a buyer to see if the operation was legitimate or a scam.

We paid $30 for a pair of panties via a credit card.

But there were extra charges for her to wear it. Her charges ranged from $2 for six hours of wear to $6 for an entire day.

There was also an option to pay for the merchandise via bank transfer with POSB/DBS.

We e-mailed Pamela informing her that payment had been made, and she replied promptly.

'Dear, you only paid for the panty. You did not pay for the postage or any other services,' she wrote in her e-mail.

Apparently, we had forgotten to pay for postage and other services, which we later transferred to her via a reporter's POSB account.

We tried to chat with her by e-mail, and asked her more personal questions, but she was careful about revealing too much.

She addressed the reporter as 'sweetie' and 'darling'.

When we asked if she was a convent girl, she replied coyly: 'I will leave that for you to guess.'

But she claimed to be a Singaporean.

However, she is unlikely to be a secondary school student as she replied to our e-mails around 10am, and later around 4pm - hours during which she should be in school.

The transaction was fuss-free and business-like.

We 'ordered' a pair of coloured panties which turned up in our mailbox two days later in a brown envelope carrying a SingPost mark.

The panties were sealed in a Ziploc bag.

Aside from buying her underwear, online users can also chat with her - for a fee, of course.

She said on her website: 'We can talk about almost anything, just remember to be graceful in the presence of a lady.

'Just purchase some time and e-mail me with the invoice and I will call you after that.'

Talking to Pamela is not cheap - she charges $60 for a 15-minute conversation, and $100 for 30 minutes.

She says she can talk to people only in Singapore until she gets a card for overseas calls.

She also warns callers that their call would be cut short if they ask her questions that require her to reveal her identity.

Lawyers told The New Paper that it was not an offence to sell used underwear online.

Said lawyer Luke Lee: 'I can't think of any offence for this. It's quite enterprising of her.'

This article was furst published by The New Paper on Jan 16, 2008.

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