Loh Keng Fatt
Tue, Jun 10, 2008
The Sunday Times
Li-lin lets her kids' imagination run wild

It's perfectly okay for children not to have a schedule during the June school holidays, says Wong Li-lin.

The mother of two children, aged three and two, said: 'In fact, it is when we permit freedom that imagination can soar. And we know that imagination is more important than knowledge.

'If you don't believe me, at least believe Einstein. Those were his words,' noted the 34-year-old Fly Entertainment artiste who is married to actor Allan Wu, host of shows such as Amazing Race Asia.

True to her word, she did not sign her children up for any courses.

The chic-looking Wong has lately become a familiar face on TV in commercials for big-time brands Canon and Nivea.

She does not deny that her current age equates to a certain maturity and authority which advertisers seek in sourcing celebrities to endorse products.

'My experience in the fitness field, my rich dance and Pilates history, my marriage to Allan and my role as a full-time mum and part-time actor are all factors that the brands consider, I believe,' she said.

She did not want to reveal how much she was paid.

Asked how she juggles the various demands on her time, she said: 'With a smile, really.'

She added that she is fortunate that her husband is at 'home often and is such a hands-on father'.

'We also have help in the event either of us is at work. So even when I feel tired, I know I've got it good,' said Wong, who was one of the leads in the recent romantic movie The Leap Years.

She also recently completed shooting a German telemovie, Love In The Lion City, which co-stars Lara Joy Korner and Jason Chan.

'However, for now, everything else is secondary to my role as a daughter. My father is quite unwell and we need to attend to him,' she said.

This article was first published in The Sunday Times on Jun 8, 2008

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