Wed, Dec 31, 2008
The Straits Times
From chat to sex

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FORTY per cent of teens polled by The Straits Times said men have asked them for sex, or made sexual comments, in chatrooms, social networks, online games and instant messaging platforms.

Often, the proposition came within minutes or after a couple of conversations. The following are typical conversations, based on responses to The Straits Times survey.

- First chat conversation

A (predator): Hi, I'm 30, male, you?

Melanie (victim): I'm 17, studying.

A: Where do you study?

Melanie: JC. How about you?

A: I'm working now.

Melanie: Oh I see.

A: What hobbies do you have?

Melanie: I like shopping, going out with my friends, movies. But I'm feeling quite bored cos it's school hols now.

A: Oh do you have a boyfriend, never go out with him?

Melanie: Oh, he's busy sometimes.

A: How long you two been together already?

Melanie: Just a few months only.

A: Oh I see, as for me, I'm single.


Second chat conversation:

A: Hi there again.

Melanie: Hello.

A: So what do you usually do with your boyfriend?

Melanie: Ok what couples usually do, like movies and I go to his place sometimes.

A: Go his place to do what? Do you mind if I ask, do you have sex with him, are you a virgin? I think your Friendster profile pics are very hot!

Melanie: Why you ask this kind of question? Thank you :)

A: Just wanna find out more about you.

Melanie: Haha. We are close, that's all I can say.

A: Ok. Hey, want to meet up? I can pick you up from your place, we go have coffee.

Melanie: Er, ok lor, maybe a while, I'm quite bored also.

They set a time and place. The second time they met, A asked Melanie if she wanted to have sex. She agreed.

This article was first published in The Straits Times on December 29, 2008.

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