Fri, Feb 06, 2009
Feng Shui course gains popularity

Since 1998, when Singapore Polytechnic (SP) first set up its Feng Shui, or geomancy, course, response has been favourable. But in the past two years, it has seen a jump in enrolment.

Intake within these two years has increased by 40 per cent, from 80 students to 110 students, reported the Shin Min Daily News.

The course, titled "The Basic Science of Fengshui", is a 24-session course jointly offered by SP and the Singapore Fengshui Centre.

Course lecturer Mr Vincent Koh said: "About 10 per cent to 20 per cent of each cohort become professional geomancy consultants at the end of the course, and most of them are foreign students.

He explained: "Singaporean students still feel that their knowledge and skills are still not up to par even after completing the basic course, and do not dare jump into the business so soon. As for overseas students, knowledge of the concept of Feng Shui in their country is not as widely known nor practised, thus they have the confidence to set up business there."

The spokesperson for SP revealed, among the students enrolled in its Feng Shui course, quite a few are professionals, for example, engineers and interior designers.

44-year-old civil engineer Chen Rui Zhong enrolled in SP's Feng Shui course in 2003 because of his keen interest in Chinese culture.

He says Feng Shui is a useful skill in his field, as he is able to infuse feng shui elements into his designs. For example, feng shui dictates that the stove and water basins in the kitchen should be placed as far apart as possible. Toilets should also not be near the living room.

To him, merging geomancy and design is a "value-added service" for customers, which he is happy to provide.

From manager to Feng Shui master

Ms Huang Yan Ling, in her 30s, quit her job two years ago to become a full-time geomancy consultant. She realised that she preferred a job that allows her more free time, and being a geomancy consultant fulfils that criteria.

The former manager at a private school had also attended SP's Feng Shui course. It was the course that spurred her to pursue her interest in the subject.

She said: "The basic course offered by SP introduced me to Feng Shui, and was a springboard for me to want to find out more about it." "However, you still need to go for more courses and gain more knowledge in order to become a full-fledged Feng Shui master."

She revealed that after making the career-switch, her working hours were halved, but it did not affect her monthly income. Since 2006, she has been giving advice to customers part-time.

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