Sun, Sep 06, 2009
Students, behave!

Recent activities by young Singaporeans have raised the eyebrows of many.

Following a slew of reports about students in school uniform getting caught making out in public, a recent report highlighted that risque activities are still being organised at university orientation camps.

Just like the chorus of a popular 80's pop song, teens just want to have fun.

However, do they realise the consequences of their actions?

They think they look cool..
But teens who acted senselessly at gravesite "just childish morons".

Their misery = teen's fun
Teen worked for a loanshark because he wanted to have some fun.

They did it to 'seek thrill'
A*Star scholar and Swedish students threw caution to the wind and walked around Holland Village stark naked.

'The students were so cruel'
Sports school students flimed themselves flushing a live frog down the toilet.

Student couple goes 'all the way' in public
Author of blog posted these pictures after she witnessed incident for the second time.

Students in uniform kiss openly
Students in uniform were caught in action in a park in Woodlands.

Lewd display disgusts reader
A young couple were making out in a corner of a neighbourhood carpark.

JC students caught making out on bus?
Councillors who were photographed were stripped of their leadership positions.

Tied up and humiliated on birthday
Students smeared girl's face and clothes with cake and poured chocolate milk over her head as part of birthday 'celebration'.

Orientation - just fun or plain lewd?
Girls at NUS camp had to lie down and the guys had to do push-ups over them.

Why are uni camps still so risque?
Sexually suggestive NTU orientation activities stirs up controversy.

2 deaths from student initiations
Despite repeated tragedies, ugly initiation rituals continue to haunt Thai uni freshmen's lives.


Tied up and humiliated on birthday
A junior college student is tied up and humiliated on her birthday by her "friends". The ragging got so bad that her "friends" did not even stop when she started to cry.

Birthday hazing at SAJC
The birthday boy from the rugby team of Saint Andrew's Junior College (SAJC) is thrown into a dustbin and dunked by his friends.

Birthday hazing at SAJC (part 2)
The birthday boy from the rugby team of Saint Andrew's Junior College (SAJC) has his private parts rubbed with toothpaste and slammed against a pole.

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