Mon, Aug 31, 2009
The Straits Times
3 win in Teachers' Day tribute competition

By Chia Yan Min

THEY go out together after school and bond over ice cream.

This is how Abigail Chew Linn, 16, relates to her teacher Chia Ming Huei, 32. She recently took the opportunity to show Miss Chia that she appreciated the friendship.

The teenager from Raffles Girls' Secondary School, who submitted a tribute to Miss Chia for a Teachers' Day competition, is one of three winners who bagged $100 in Haagen-Dazs vouchers and a Prima Deli cake each.

Teachers' Day falls on Tuesday.

The competition, organised by the classifieds section of The Straits Times, gave participating students three weeks from Aug 9 to submit tributes to their favourite teachers.

Half of the 50 entries received will be published in the classifieds section of this newspaper tomorrow.

Abigail, who is in Secondary 4 and hopes to become a microbiologist, said of Miss Chia: 'She's very supportive of all her students and I feel like I can go to her with my problems.'

Miss Chia, who has taught Higher Chinese at the premier girls' school for four years, said Abigail was a bright student with strong opinions about things she believed in. She taught her two years ago, and they have been in touch since.

The other two winners were Ang Zhi Ying, 15, of Cedar Girls' Secondary School, who paid tribute to her current form teacher Ronnie Goh, and Charmaine Jacob, 12, of CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel, who wrote about her teacher Joan Lim.

Zhi Ying, who is in Secondary 3, said of her physics teacher: 'He has done a lot to inspire us and bring our class closer together.'

She said he compiled photographs from the school's annual Secondary 3 camp into a CD, and made copies for his students.

Charmaine, who is in Primary 6, lauded Miss Lim for being 'understanding, caring and patient'.

Describing how Miss Lim handmade Children's Day presents for all her pupils, Charmaine added: 'She has a special place in my heart.'

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

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