Tue, Sep 15, 2009
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China's dancing teacher is an online hit

HOW would you like to attend an English class where your teacher is like a pop idol and a typical lesson is like a mini concert?

Apple Daily reported that Mr Zhou Shicheng, an English teacher at Changsha New Oriental English School in Hunan province, China, has become an online hit after students snapped videos of his wacky dancing and singing in class onto YouTube.

For Mr Zhou, 25, it's all about making his lessons interesting.

And he's fast becoming a selling point in Changsha New Oriental's recruitment efforts.

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When his students ask to see his impromptu performances, sometimes even bringing their own music CDs for him to dance to, he obliges without hesitation, jumping onto desks, gyrating wildly and breaking into song.

The entire class claps along, while his female students whip out their handphones and start shooting.

Mr Zhou is known to his students as a humorous but strict teacher.

His dancing does not seem to have hurt his students' grades.

Instead, they are grateful to him for helping them pass their English tests and exams.

It helps that Mr Zhou looks more like a pop idol than singer. He has a snazzy dress sense, and his other talents include playing the violin.

While his students lap up his every move, his detractors, including some colleagues, call him an attention seeker.

Sina.com reported that some netizens find Mr Zhou's antics ridiculous. One wrote in an online post: 'Dancing is for discos, not classrooms! He must be a lousy teacher to have to resort to such acts.'

But Mr Zhou feels there is nothing wrong with his dancing in class, and said he will continue to do so as long as his students enjoy his moves and do well in school.

'Celebrities go through the same thing,' he said. 'Not everyone loves you, but you just have to keep doing your best.'

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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