Wed, Feb 24, 2010
Korean youths roughed up in graduation ceremonies

If you think hazing in Singapore schools is bad, students in South Korea have it much worse. Both guys and girls are forced to go naked and are pelted with eggs and flour in graduation rituals across the country's middle schools.

According to a South Korean news website, since 3am last Saturday, about 40 pictures of naked or half-naked middle school graduating students in Goyang, Gyeonggi have been spread rapidly online.

The pictures include one which shows the students making a human pyramid with their bodies covered in flour and eggs, and others showing them standing still covering their private parts or removing their underwear.

Fifteen of the original hazing victims told police that they received text messages from the older students forcing them to attend the ritual or they would be punished.

Twenty high school students involved in the hazing will be questioned by South Korean police.

The police said offenders can get criminal punishments since they will be charged with an attempted act of violence.

While Stomp has received several stories on students complaining about hazing in their schools, perhaps they can count themselves lucky that such rituals here are not as extreme as that in South Korea.

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