Thu, Apr 08, 2010
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Kids turn into iPhone spies to rate teachers

IN ENGLAND, a debate is raging over whether the government policy of allowing pupils to assess and influence the decision to hire teachers is fair.

UK media reports say that children as young as 11 have been issued with iPhones to give instant ratings on their teachers.

Acting like spies, they are encouraged to e-mail messages to senior staff during lessons.

But teacher unions said this growing "obsession" with consulting pupils on all aspects of schooling is making the lives of teachers increasingly difficult.

They claim that youngsters are being given a say in everything from the content of lessons and behaviour policies to hiring and firing staff, reported The Daily Mail.

Here are some examples of how this practice is being "abused":

  • Pupils interviewed a male and two female teachers for a job before voting for one woman whom they thought was pretty.
  • A teacher interviewed by a student council believes she was hired because the children "liked the colour of her red shoes".
  • A teacher applying for promotion at a Surrey secondary school was asked by students at an interview to sing Michael Jackson's "Bad". She refused and was not hired.

Academic experts scoffed at this practice.

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