Thu, Apr 15, 2010
The New Paper
Mum vs Mum in school

By Benson Ang

OVER the last three months, police have repeatedly been called to a primary school.

That's because of a dispute between two women whose children attend the school.

Both mothers have permission to stay with their children while classes are on.

One of them is Sally, a 45-year-old housewife who stays in school to ensure that her daughter, nine, eats during lunch. The girl has medical conditions which affect her growth.

The other woman is Mary, 40, also a housewife, who is allowed in on compassionate grounds to have lunch with her eight-year-old daughter.

To protect their children, we are not using the women's real names.

Mary has been in the news before when the Child Protection Service took away her daughter. She later won a case in the High Court last year to have her daughter returned to her.

Her case resulted in a policy change and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports now inform parents why their child has been taken away before the case goes to court.

The hostility between Mary and Sally began two month sago over an alleged photo-taking incident.

Mary claimed that one day when she was having lunch in the school canteen, Sally's daughter took her photograph with a mobile phone.

Mary said she grabbed the phone from the girl, ran to the principal's office, and handed it over to the school administration.

Mary also claims that Sally then "took revenge" and snatched her daughter's school bag.

She alleged that Sally pushed her daughter "forcefully and intentionally in an irrational manner".

She also claimed that during the scuffle, Sally scratched her hand, causing "bleeding and abrasions".

Mary showed us marks on her hand which were allegedly from the scuffle. She said she has also made a magistrate's complaint about the incident.

When contacted, Sally denied her daughter ever took a photo of Mary,and would not comment further.

The New Paper understands that the principal called the police. Sally's husband, 49, was also at the scene, after he was informed about the matter.

The dispute was settled when a photo was deleted in front of Mary, Sally's husband,and the police.

The New Paper understands that both mothers also made police reports, claiming they were each kicked in the thigh by the other during the tussle.

Since the incident, there has been much hostility between the two.

Mary claimed that Sally would make funny faces at her, and that Sally's daughter would stick her tongue out at her when they walked by.

But Sally has denied this.

In turn, Sally claimed that Mary made rude gestures and used vulgarities in front of her and her daughter.

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