Mon, Apr 19, 2010
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Schools expected to inculcate, uphold good sportsmanship

I REFER to Wednesday's commentary, 'Whatever happened to sportsmanship?', and recent media reports on school sports incidents.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) expects our schools to inculcate and uphold good sportsmanship at all times during games and competitions. Sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline and fair play are traits that schools work to cultivate in students. Students are also reminded to respect their opponents. MOE and our schools do not condone unsportsmanlike conduct.

Mayhem at the rugby pitch (updated with more photos)
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With regard to the incident during the Schools National B Division Rugby Finals, MOE is in touch with the schools involved and the Singapore School Sports Council (SSSC) has formed a committee to investigate the incident. The national convener for rugby, St Andrew's School, will not sit on the investigation committee as it is party to the incident. MOE will take action following SSSC's investigation and recommendations.

On the sit-down protest incident during the Schools National Judo Championships, the national convener for the judo championships has determined that the coach behaved inappropriately and acted contrary to the values we seek to uphold. The SSSC will work with the Singapore Judo Federation and the school to take disciplinary action against the coach.

MOE will continue to emphasise to schools, coaches and students the importance of the right values and conduct in sports. MOE has been conducting workshops to train coaches and to help them understand the ethos and values we are nurturing in our students.

MOE has reiterated the philosophy of good sportsmanship to school leaders, and emphasised the importance of proper conduct by their coaches, students and supporters, as well as the consequence of unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Sum Chee Wah (Ms)
Director, Education Programmes Division
Ministry of Education

This article was first published in The Straits Times.

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