Mon, Apr 19, 2010
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Some do live happily ever after

JOSH, 32, was lecturing at a private university in Penang when he found himself in love with a student.

"It was my first teaching job and it was all very new to me. I didn't have any expectation about my career but was looking forward to the profession. I was assigned to a few law undergraduate classes and was excited about it."

When classes started, he says, he was only focused on teaching. But that changed when he started mingling with students outside campus.

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"Since I was from out of town, some of my students invited me to join them for dinner at a cafe near campus. I was hesitant at first as I didn't want them to lose respect for me. I was told that there is a fine line between teacher and friend.

"After I declined their offer a few times, I felt bad and thought it might seem rude if I didn't oblige. I knew of other teachers in the university who also hung out with their students. So, one fine day I agreed to join four of my students for dinner.

"Surprisingly, it felt very normal. Since the students were in their early 20s, there wasn't much of an age gap. We had a great conversation and got along well.

"After that first time, I joined them more and more. And everyone was very comfortable with the situation."

Josh says once he let his guard down, he started to open up to his students.

"I didn't realise that our conversations moved from law to personal interests and family. It was nice to have people to talk to.

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