"When the topic of personal interests came up, I found myself being attracted to Sandy, 24, who enjoyed ballroom dancing. That happened to be one of my passions as well. I was surprised, as most of the people I knew were not keen on this form of dancing.

"Our conversation was easy and we had much to discuss. Soon we found ourselves talking in a corner while the rest of the group carried on with their own conversations."

After a few more outings, Josh says, he found himself stealing glances at Sandy during lectures.

"I was surprised that I could be infatuated at my age. But it was a good feeling and I always looked forward to lecturing her classes.

"I'm sure Sandy also noticed my keen attention as she would shyly look at her books. When I asked her a question, I heard the nervousness in her voice."

It didn't take long, he says, for the two of them to meet for dinner alone.

"It took guts for me to ask her out for dinner, but after the first time it came naturally. Soon, having dinner together went without saying.

"Other students and some lecturers noticed the closeness between us. I can't say that it was easy, as there were some students who were jealous and questioned my exam grading. They assumed I gave Sandy better results than she deserved.

"The initial stages were tough, so we decided to keep it as quiet as we could."

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