Picking the right place to grow up
Mon, Apr 19, 2010
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There are hundreds of state-owned and private universities in the country, which offer instant job opportunities for their graduates or a chance to earn double degrees by studying abroad. Below is a partial list of universities recommended by graduates and students not only for their programs and facilities, but also some spots in and around the campuses that helped grown their affection to their almamater.


Bogor Institute of Agriculture

What: Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) is the first university in the country that offers structured post-graduate programs. It is among the top 500 universities in the world according to THES-QS evaluation last year.

Departments: IPB has nine schools, namely: agriculture, veterinary, fishery, marine studies, husbandry, forestry, agricultural technology, mathematics and science, economic management and human ecology. According to student activities director Rimbawan, the most popular department is agricultural technology.

Campus: IPB currently has 25,000 graduate, post-graduate and doctorate program students studying across five campuses. The Darmaga campus is where the rector building and study center is located, while Baranangsiang campus is designed to be the center for research, public empowerment and houses the executive post-graduate programs. The Gunung Gede campus is the center for business and management studies, which will soon be equipped with a techno-park, while Cilibende campus is the center for diploma vocational studies. Finally, Taman Kencana campus - currently a vet hospital - is to be developed into an international hospital.

History: IPB was established in 1963 with the vision to become a world-class research university. It aims to develop science and technology to meet current and future needs in agrarian and maritime societies. Its establishment was triggered by a speech by former president Sukarno in 1954 titled "Agriculture is a matter of life and death".

Favorite spots: Students prefer to hang out in between classes on the corridor of rector building in Darmaga campus, as well as Taman Koleksi and Taman India in Baranangsiang campus. Taman Koleksi is a park of plants and trees collection of the institute, while Taman India is named by the students for its ambience that similar to the commonly seen rendezvous parks in Bollywood movies.

- JP/Theresia Sufa

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