Where can you find food that is close to Singaporean fare?

Bangkok Gardens (811 Cherry Street) serves Thai food, which satisfies my craving for the spicy fare I love in Singapore. It is reasonably authentic Thai cuisine and stands out from the usual American restaurants. A meal there costs an average of US$15 plus tax.

Chinese food in Columbia is typically Americanised - deep-fried and accompanied with sweet gravies. So if I crave some good old Singapore food, I make my own dishes such as curry, with ingredients my family members send me.

Your favourite breakfast is...

A good old American breakfast, consisting of biscuits and gravy, sausage links, hash browns and scrambled eggs. It is relatively easy to find in any bistro located downtown.

Your favourite eating place is...

Kojaba Korean Restaurant (601 Business Loop 70 West) serves authentic Korean food and provides me with my monthly fix of Asian food. A bibimbap with a selection of side dishes costs about US$14 with tax and tips.

What do you do on your weekends?

Chill out at IMO's Pizza or Buffalo Wild Wings, watching a UFC Fight, or simply chill out with friends. On Sundays, I am usually at The Crossing, the biggest church in Columbia.

The toast of the roast

Do not leave the place without trying...

IMO's Pizza (124 East Nifong Boulevard) is a local pizza chain that serves delicious thin-crust pizza made with only the freshest ingredients. A family-size pepperoni sausage pizza costs about US$21 plus tax.

Located about two hours' drive from Columbia is Kansas City, which is known as the 'barbecue capital of the world'.

When we have barbecue in Singapore, one immediately thinks of seasoned chicken wings, otah and the like. In the US, you will often find pork ribs seasoned with a thick paste and smoked to succulent perfection.

An essential component of barbecue there is the type of wood used. Different woods produce different flavours - hard woods such as oak and pecan impart a strong smoky aroma, while fruit woods such as apple and cherry produce a milder, sweeter taste.

The coolest place to chill out in is...

Addison's (79 Cherry Street). The friendly staff and nice ambience make it the perfect place to relax. They offer a good spread of American favourites. A meal costs about US$20.

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