What do you think Singaporeans will like most about your city?

Columbians enjoy a vast variety of nature trails, with the occasional glimpse of wild deer, squirrels and rabbits.

The vast open space that Columbians enjoy will also be appreciated by Singaporeans who are used to skyscrapers. The city of Columbia is clean, safe and there is definitely something for everyone.

What is the biggest difference between Singapore and this city?

The weather is definitely the biggest difference. The cycle of the four seasons breaks the monotony of our summer-whole-year-round weather in Singapore.

What is one place you always take your friends to when they visit you?

The famed St Louis Gateway Arch, which is also affectionately known as the Gateway To The West. It is a part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and one of the most recognised images of St Louis, Missouri. Visitors can take a ride up the arch and enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the Mississippi River. It is definitely a landmark to visit when in the mid-West. These rides cost US$10 for an adult and US$5 for children aged three to 15.

What is the one thing you must do in your city?

Visit the Magic Tree, located in southern Columbia off Old Plank Road. It is an attraction that has enthralled visitors, even from farther out of state. The crabapple tree is lit every holiday season in the winter with approximately 30,000 lights. With the ground blanketed in a thick layer of snow, this tree is aglow with hundreds of coloured lights.

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