Courses by professional trainers for students

NO MATTER what new policies the Ministry of Education (MOE) adopts, the onus of ensuring a student athlete's safety is largely on himself.

I hope MOE introduces more courses by professional sports trainers on how student athletes can protect themselves. Such courses should be held at the beginning of each year, before the start of the sports season.

Possible topics: How to manage and rehabilitate sports injuries, properly warm up and down, and prevent injuries.

Teach them how to take care of and keep their body in peak condition for important events. They should be able to gauge their own physical limits so that they do not exceed them.

After all, one knows one's body best. The responsibility of taking care of one's health and safety, while engaging in sports, should lie largely on oneself.

Calvin Ng, 23, is a final-year mathematics student at the National University of Singapore

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