Prompt reply

He replied on the same day.

He said he wanted to know more about the girl and the "price very much depended" on her "age" and "looks".

But he also added: "Feel free to quote me a price."

The next day, he asked for a picture, insisting he would keep it for himself.

He said: "In this business, I know very well that discretion is very important, why would I want to ruin my own chances of a relationship with you by saboing (sic) you? Makes no sense."

In his response, he also included his mobile phone number.

With each text message, the demands became more specific. He expected "kissing" and "touching" and asked whether she was "willing to strip".

He used money as bait. "Do more, pay more," he said. When I said I needed $400, he told me to "really decide" on what I would do for that amount.

It didn't bother him when I said I lied about my age, that I'm not 17, but 15.

He insisted on meeting.

We arranged to meet at a park in Toa Payoh on April21. The plan was for a colleague to meet him, while The New Paper team monitored his moves from a distance.

He became apprehensive, expressing discomfort in "meeting in too open an area" and had concerns "for (his) own safety".

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