Ustaz molests seven in front of classmates
Fri, Jul 23, 2010
New Straits Times

SIMUNJAN, MALAYSIA - Six boys and a girl, all 9 years old, at a primary school here were molested and had their modesty outraged in front of their classmates by their ustaz when they failed to memorise Quranic verses. One of the boys' father alleged that all seven of them were forced to strip in front of the class.

"One of the boys had his anus inserted with hard objects while the girl was caressed," said the father who refused to be named.

When the parents were told of the incident, they complained to the headmaster, but only to be turned away.

"The headmaster refused to believe us and did not take any action against the ustaz."

Disappointed with the headmaster's lackadaisical attitude, the parents then lodged a report at the Simunjan police headquarters on Wednesday afternoon.

Simunjan police chief Deputy Superintendant Choo Yin Kok confirmed the incident.

"We have picked up the suspect, who is in his 20s, and sent all the seven victims to Sarawak General Hospital for a medical check-up."




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