Bangladesh PM offers amnesty to end mutiny
Thu, Feb 26, 2009

DHAKA (AFP) - - Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday offered a general amnesty to border guards who launched a mutiny that sparked a fierce gun battle in the capital, an official said.

Hasina "announced a general amnesty to all troops" involved in the uprising after meeting 14 representatives of the mutineers at her home, her deputy press secretary, Nakibuddin Ahmed, told reporters.

He said a representative of the renegade members of the Bangladesh Rifles, the country's border security force, had told the prime minister that the troops "would lay down their arms" following the offer.

According to local media, the border troops are demanding better pay, more subsidised food and more holidays. Reports said Bangladesh Rifles' officers refused to listen to the demands, prompting the armed revolt.

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