S.Korea's military school exams ceasefire
Tue, Sep 15, 2009

SEOUL, S.Korea - South Korea's military Tuesday announced a halt to live-fire exercises and most aircraft movements when millions of students take an English-language listening test this month.

The military said its 655,000 personnel plus the 28,500 US troops in the country will try to keep the noise down when the middle- and high-school students take the comprehension tests for spoken English.

More than three million students will take part in the semi-annual tests between Wednesday and Friday or between September 23-25.

All military aircraft will be banned from taking off or landing for at least 20 minutes each day when the tests are conducted, except in emergency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

Aircraft that do take off will have to fly at least three km (1.8 miles) high.

On the ground, live-fire and other drills will be suspended to avoid drowning out the listening tests.

Densely populated South Korea, which places a high priority on education, goes to great lengths to ensure exams run smoothly.

For the crucial annual College Scholastic Ability Test in November, rush hour is rescheduled to ease traffic and civilian aircraft landings are delayed to minimise noise.



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