Wife catches lawsuit instead of cheater
Thu, Nov 19, 2009
The China Post/Asia News Network

HSINCHU, Taiwan - To catch a cheating partner with help from private investigators, be careful to follow the law or the police will go after you instead of the cheater.

A woman and her accomplices were arrested for violating the law for privacy protection by hiring private detectors to unlawfully install bugs on her spouse's vehicle and scooter. After the spouse uncovered the hidden bugs, the wife and the two investigators were arrested after they confessed to the police.

From police report, Lin Jing-yi, 34, and her spouse surnamed Guo, 40, usually drive separately to Hsinchu Science Park Administration, where they both work. The detective work began in April this year, when the offender noticed that her spouse had been arriving home late for several nights, with his cell phone turned off. She then hired two private detectors in an attempt to uncover a possible affair.

In late April, Gao noticed an extra electric wire in the car and with the help of mechanics, discovered the wire was connected to a GPS tracking device and a hidden audio bug. The next day, Guo was unable to start his scooter engine and brought it to a repair shop where the mechanics found another tracking device installed in the interior.

Suspecting his spouse of being involved, Guo filed a police report following the incidents. During the investigation, Lin and the two private investigators, admitted to being at fault and pled guilty for breaking the law for privacy protection.

Despite having spent NT$300,000 (S$12,900), and using an audio bug and two tracking devices, Lin and the two detectives Hung Wei-kuo, 46, and You Pei-yu, 38, failed to expose any evidence of an affair, but instead are faced with a lawsuit filed from the alleged cheater.





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