Tue, Mar 09, 2010
The Daily Chilli
Vibrator part left in woman's genitals

TAIWAN - A Taiwanese woman lodged a police report against her boyfriend after he forced a vibrator into her private part without her consent.

Worse, the boyfriend - a medical student in his 30s - did not notice that a part of the vibrator had broken off and was left inside the woman's body.

His girlfriend, known only as Xiao Man, found out about the broken bit after taking an X-ray after suffering pain in her vagina for three days.

The furious woman, who was against the use of the sex toy, lodged a report with the Taiwan police against her boyfriend for offence against sexual autonomy.

According to Liberty Times, the man had numerous times requested his girlfriend of three years to use a vibrator while they have sex but was rejected.

Both of them had even quarrelled a few times over the issue.

Recently, when the couple was having sex, the man took out a vibrator and put it into Xiao Man's private part without her knowing.

He stopped when she complained of pain and quickly pulled out the vibrator and hid it, not knowing that the front part of the sex toy had broken off and was left in her vagina.

Since then, the girlfriend had complained of pain in her vagina and sought treatment from a hospital three days later.

She was shocked when doctor told her that a half oval-shaped object was found lodged in her vagina.

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