Thu, Apr 08, 2010
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Police roughed up betel-nut sales girl during arrest

TAIPEI, Taiwan: Taipei County police officials yesterday said that an officer who was accused of using violence in the arrest of a betel-nut sales girl will be removed from his current post.

The 80-kg police officer, Luan Cheng, 37, was overly rough while arresting the betel-nut girl Yen Ju-yu, 19, who allegedly wore revealing attire to solicit patronage. The girl weighs only a little more than 40 kilograms.

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Luan allegedly threw Yen to the ground and bruised her right eye and injured left hand fingers after Yen failed to respond positively to Luan's warnings.

Yen yesterday accused of Luan of using violence against her, while Luan sued Yen on charge of injury as his left palm was injured during the arrest process. In addition, Yen was also subject to prosecution for hampering the handling of the public affairs.

The Chungho police precinct, where Luan serves as a patrol police, said that at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, Luan, riding a motorbike on a patrol duty, found a seductively-dressed girl soliciting male customers to patronize her betel-nut stand on Zhongzheng Road of Chungho City, Taipei County.

Luan tried to persuade Yen to behave herself or be punished for undermining social virtues, but Yen turned a deaf ear to Luan and even shouted to him, "This is my way, you can do nothing here!"

Yen then showered four-letter words on Luan, and then tried to get in a house and pull down the iron gate to stop Luan's arrest.

To counter, Luan quickly threw Yen to the ground to stop her from pulling down the gate, handcuffed her and took her back to the police office for questioning.

Later on, Luan regretted his violent practice against Yen, and he is likely to be switched to other service place.

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