Overweight girl sues man who refused to have sex with her
Fri, Jun 04, 2010
The China Post/Asia News Network

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A 15-year-old girl sued a man for sexual assault, out of anger that the man refused to have sex with her due to her weight.

The 18-year-old college male was not indicted for sexual assault because the planned sexual encounter was consensual, yet he was taken into custody for trying to have sex with a minor, police said.

The incident took place when the girl, a ninth grader measuring 155 centimeters in height and 80 kilograms in weight, hooked up with the man on the Internet. The two soon developed a lewd, lascivious virtual relationship and had online sex each time they chatted over the web.

When they decided it was time to do it for real, they met up. The man almost ditched the girl upon seeing her weight, yet still decided to give it a try.

Once at the man's house, the girl slipped off her clothes and asked the man to hit the bed immediately. The man was totally unable to get into the mood, and could not get aroused even when he covered the girl's face with a pillow, trying not to see her.

He then asked the girl to go into the bathroom to moan and gratify herself, while he masturbated.

The girl felt her dignity was trampled upon and sued the man for sexual assault.

-The China Post/Asia News Network



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