Australian woman kills sister after hair tongs row
Fri, Jun 04, 2010

SYDNEY - A 22-year-old Australian woman was jailed for four years on Friday for stabbing her sister to death after an argument over a pair of hair tongs.

Kathleen Worrall knifed her 18-year-old sister Susan 50 times as Susan got out of the bath, New South Wales Supreme Court heard, accepting a manslaughter plea over a rare hormonal condition that causes "an abnormality of the mind".

The two had earlier come to blows over the hair straightener, and Kathleen finally snapped when her sister changed the password on their computer.

The court heard that Kathleen suffered sharp weight gain as a result of the treatment for her congenital condition, as well as high levels of testosterone.

Worrall told a psychiatrist that at the time of the attack two years ago, she "looked like a gladiator", while her father said her weight had made her "an obvious target for attack by her sister".

Justice Elizabeth Fullerton blamed the attack on Kathleen's condition and the fact she had not been taking her medication.





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  Australian woman kills sister after hair tongs row
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