Actors acting as ghosts repeatedly assaulted by frightened visitors
Wed, Aug 11, 2010
The China Post/ANN

Actors acting as ghosts at a haunted house attraction at a Taiwanese amusement park, have been repeatedly assaulted by frightened visitors, reports said.

The "ghost house cinema" at the Janfusun Fancyworld in Yunlin County, southern Taiwan, has witnessed several attacks in the month since it opened, according to local news media.

Apple Daily, the Chinese-language daily newspaper reported that some actors have refused to work in the attraction following a spate of attacks.

One of the incidents happened on August 1, when a male Janfusun employee, named Chen Shao-yu, was slapped in the face by the boyfriend of a female visitor, who was greatly scared by Chen's zombie costume.

Chen asked the man why he had slapped him, and was told that "I just want to find out whether you are a real or fake person". Chen asked the police to take action after the "malicious" attack from the male visitor, who finally extended an apology to Chen.

In another incident, an employee dressed as a killer was hit in the privates by an elederly woman weilding an umbrella. As a result, the employee, named Lei San-chih, was allowed to take leave for three days to take care of his wounds.

In another incident, a female Janfusun employee was attacked and claimed she was sexually harassed while dressed as a ghost. Her hips were allegedly groped by male visitors to the ghost house cinema.




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