Nepal to double tiger population
Wed, Nov 24, 2010
The Kathmandu Post/Asia News Network

Nepal has expressed a strong commitment to doubling its tiger population by 2022.

Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Deepak Bohara on Sunday made this vow while addressing the inaugural session of the International Tiger Conservation Conference that began at St. Petersburg in Russia.

Bohara stressed that Nepal had been successful to accomplish most of the commitments made at the Kathmandu Global Tiger Workshop 2009 in the context of the Global Tiger Initiative mission and the goal of doubling tiger population.

The international forum has brought together the leaders of 13 Tiger Range Countries to discuss what could be the best and last chance to save the wild tiger.

The summit featured high-level officials and tiger experts from every major tiger country and conservation institutions, a first in the history of tiger conservation.

The conference is being organised for a joint commitment to save the cat after warnings that the animal might disappear within the next 20 years from the wild.

-The Kathmandu Post/Asia News Network




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