Student who blocked ambulance is charged
Fri, Jan 07, 2011
The China Post/Asia News Network

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Rescue personnel aboard the ambulance that was allegedly obstructed by a doctorate candidate while making an emergency transport yesterday charged the Ph.D. student with interference with public officials and negligent assault.

An emergency medical technician, surnamed Hsu, yesterday charged Hsiao for bodily injuries sustained in the ambulance as Hsiao repeatedly cut off and blocked the ambulance in Xindian last December.

According to Hsu, he suffered contusions to his back and severe bruising as he and his partner were thrown about in the back of the ambulance while trying to perform CPR on the patient they were transporting.

Although the patient, surnamed Yu, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, the prosecutors have preliminarily ruled out a negligent manslaughter charge as Yu was in cardiac arrest and had stopped breathing prior to being put into the ambulance.

Hsiao, a Ph D. candidate at National Taiwan University (NTU), is now better known as "Middle Finger Hsiao" due to his alleged malicious blocking of an on-duty ambulance while pointing his middle finger at the ambulance driver, as shown on footage recorded by a surveillance device on board the ambulance.

After the footage surfaced on the web, outraged netizens identified Hsiao as the driver of the SMART vehicle blocking the ambulance from his license plate number.

Twelve days after he was identified, Hsiao apologised for his behavior through the Central News Agency. NTU said they will hold a meeting to discuss possible punishment for Hsiao on Jan 14, as many members of faculty consider Hsiao's actions damaging to the reputation of the institution. Penalties could range from a reprimand to expulsion.




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